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Community Safety at JIBC

The Community Safety programs provide practical training for those working in care facilities and community safety roles. Our programs promote health, safety, and well-being for individuals and communities.


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Bylaw Compliance, Enforcement and Investigative Skills

Bylaw Compliance, Enforcement and…

If you’re interested in bylaw enforcement, this course reflects current practice and trends in the profession, uses practitioner-led training…

Community Care Licensing (CCLO)

Community Care Licensing (CCLO)

For those interested in promoting health, safety and well-being in licensed care facilities such as day care and residential care facilities,…
  • JIBC ByLaw Officer Career Path

    Bylaw Officer

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  • JIBC’s Community Care Licensing program helped direct Helen Wale to a career where she can make a difference through her passion for quality care for adults with developmental disabilities.

    Community Care Facilities Licensing Officer

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