The list below shows programs offered full-time and on-campus at JIBC that will qualify international students for study and post-graduation work permits upon completion.


Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Law Enforcement Studies2 years~$18,300/yearSeptember, January, Mayfull-time, on-campus
Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Disaster Management2 years~$18,052/yearSeptember, Januaryfull-time, on-campus
Law Enforcement Studies Diploma2 years~$17,697/yearSeptember, Januaryfull-time, on-campus
Bachelor of Law Enforcement Studies4 years~$21,237/yearSeptemberfull-time, on-campus


View JIBC’s full list of Programs and Courses. Please note that programs not listed above might not meet IRCC’s eligibility criteria for study and post-graduation work permits.

All full-time international students will automatically be charged for the services, which are already included in the program costs detailed in the previous table.

~$200.00Temporary medical insurance provided by Guard.Me (charged in the first term only)
~$68.77Student Union fees (charged every term)
~285.00Student Union Health and Dental Plan (charged once a year until graduation)


*Note: All costs are approximate and subject to change without prior notice. Additional costs such as textbook purchases, accommodation, living expenses, and travel/transportation were not accounted for in the calculation above.

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