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JIBC grads with JIBC President Michel Tarko

Is this program right for you?

Be the one making a difference and keeping communities safe. If you are an international student looking for a bachelor's degree program to help you make a difference in the fields of justice, law enforcement or security, then this program is for you.

Experienced Instructors

Be taught and mentored from instructors who are highly experienced subject matter experts in their field.


Gain the applied knowledge and skills to pursue rewarding careers in justice, law enforcement or security.

This program is for international students interested in contributing to society and advancing their career prospects in the fields of justice, law enforcement and security.

Program strengths 

This program gives international students the opportunity to gain a unique combination of theoretical knowledge and applied skills to pursue rewarding careers in Canada, including those in the justice and law enforcement fields. 

Students will study at a dynamic campus where public safety professionals train – including police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and emergency managers. Gain the personalized attention you need from instructors to help you succeed in the program. 

This program provides a broad range of transferable and specialized skills in leadership, management and law enforcement grounded in a modern understanding of the Canadian justice system.

  • Conducting investigations
  • Collecting forensic evidence
  • Understanding criminal and deviant behaviour
  • Conducting intelligence analysis
  • Canadian criminal justice system
  • Compare criminal justice systems
  • Restorative justice, indigenous issues, and law enforcement in a diverse society
Transferable Skills
  • Conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation
  • Crisis intervention
  • Organizational behaviour
  • Governance and accountability
  • Applied ethics
What You Need to Graduate

Students must successfully complete all 60 credits (20 courses) of the program at a rate of five courses per semester.


Program Format

All courses in the program are offered at JIBC's New Westminster campus.


Upcoming intakes

There are two intakes each year in January and September.


Year 1 tuition is $16,155.48

Year 2 tuition is $18,868.96.


Additional Fees 

Learner Services Fee $5.93 per credit (as of April 1, 2020)
Non-refundable international application fee $150
Textbooks & equipment approximately $750
Campus student fees (dependent on location)


Textbooks & Supplies

Course manuals are supplied when you attend class. If additional books or other materials are required, you will be advised when you are accepted into the program.

STEP ONE - Apply to the Program

Check the program application deadline date.

Apply by registering online at EducationPlannerBC and completing the online program application form.

STEP TWO - Submit Supporting Documents

Prepare and submit to the Office of International Affairs supporting documentation along with payment to be received by the application deadline.


In-Person or By Mail
Admissions Office
Justice Institute of British Columbia
715 McBride Boulevard
New Westminster, BC V3L 5T4

Only complete applications will be considered.

Visit the How to Apply for International Students page for more information on the application process for international students.


application deadlines

January start - October 31

September start - July 3

Complete applications, including supporting documentation, must be received no later than the dates posted above.


Admission Requirements

To be eligible for this program, international students are required:

  • To have an undergraduate degree or an equivalent credential from a recognized institutional outside of Canada.
  • Meet JIBC’s English language proficiency requirements if their undergraduate studies were completed in a language other than English. The minimum requirements are outlined on the English Requirements for International Students page.


Required Documents
  • To provide proof of completion of an undergraduate degree from a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada or an equivalent credential from a recognized institution outside of Canada. Credentials from non-Canadian institutions may be required to be evaluated by an external organization and any related costs for this assessment will be the responsibility of the applicant. 
  • Applicants with transcripts from foreign countries must contact the International Credential Evaluation Services (ICES) which will evaluate the credentials and determine comparable levels in BC or Canadian terms.

Q: Who is eligible to apply for this program?
A: This program is for international students interested in contributing to society and advancing their career prospects in the fields of justice, law enforcement and security.

A: Market research suggests that job applicants face a reasonable level of competition for employment in the broad field of law enforcement. Our graduates are well prepared and qualified to seek employment in a wide range of law enforcement, regulatory and compliance fields. Those who pursue a law enforcement career are making a difference in a wide range of organizations, agencies and departments. Completion of the program does not guarantee entry into a law enforcement profession. 

Possible career areas include: security and safety, by-law enforcement, gaming investigator, fraud investigator, conservation and fishery officer. Many other career opportunities become available once students become Permanent Residents, including: federal police officer, intelligence officer, municipal police officer, deputy sheriffs and bailiffs, correctional officer, canadian border services agent, probation and parole officers, canadian pacific railway police. Employers in investigation, law enforcement, and regulatory agencies may have extra entry or qualification and training requirements. Nevertheless, we believe that completing this program can become one of the preferred qualifications for such employment.


Q: What is the course schedule for this program? What days and times are the courses?
A: The course schedule for each intake will differ. Generally students will have one to two courses in one day. Morning courses run from 9:00am-12:00pm, and afternoon courses run from 1:00pm-4:00pm.


Q: When is the full tuition for this program due to be paid?
A: Tuition for the first year is due approximately two weeks prior to the start of your first term.

Contact the Office of International Affairs
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