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Is this program right for you?

Be the one keeping communities safe. If you are or want to be conducting investigations and inspections as a part of your job, then this program is for you.

hands-on Learning 

Learn and practice the practical skills used by peace officers, regulators and investigators in the public and private sector.

gain essential skills

Be ready to work in the expanding field of investigation and enforcement.

The Investigation & Enforcement Skills Certificate is open to individuals interested in learning investigation and inspection skills that are required by public safety professionals in the public and private sectors. 

Graduates who have completed the program include those who have transitioned into or advanced their careers in various investigation, security and law enforcement professions. Individuals include investigators and inspectors at private-sector companies and regulatory bodies, and those within government ministries, agencies and regulatory authorities at the local, provincial and national levels. 

Program strengths

The program is taught by subject matter experts active in the field. Its courses are offered to meet the scheduling needs of working professionals.


The program includes core and elective courses that teach the essential skills needed to conduct a wide range of investigations and inspections. 


The program provides students with a wide range of core and elective subjects:

  • Investigative Skills and Processes
  • Enhanced Investigative Interviewing
  • Report Writing for Professional Investigators
  • Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
  • Introduction to Criminal Law
  • Introduction to Administrative Law
  • Application for and Execution of Search Warrants
  • Giving Expert Witness Testimony
  • Testifying in Legal Proceedings and Hearings
  • Forensic Digital Imaging
  • Open Source Investigations **
  • Investigative File Management
  • Internal Investigations

Students have numerous opportunities to apply and practice new investigation and inspection skills in a safe learning environment.

** Enrolment in this course is restricted to law enforcement professionals, Special Provincial Constables, or students who work for organizations that have a MOU with local municipal police department or RCMP (e.g. Transport Canada, Civil Aviation).


What You Need to Graduate

To receive the Certificate in Investigation & Enforcement Skills, you must apply for the program.

Participants must successfully complete 12 credits. This is made up of six core courses (10.5 credits), along with a choice of electives (1.5 credits).

All courses must be completed within three years of starting the program to receive a program certificate.

Each course in the certificate program is offered two or three times each calendar year.

Students who have completed both BLAW-1000 Bylaw Compliance, Enforcement & Investigative Skills 1 (3.0 credits) and BLAW-1005 Bylaw Compliance, Enforcement & Investigative Skills 2 (3.0 credits) will be considered to have met the elective requirements for this program.


course Formats

Courses in the Investigation & Enforcement Skills Certificate Program are offered in the following formats:

Face-to-face courses are in-person classes held at a JIBC campus or on-site in the community. Course lengths generally range from one to five consecutive days. 

Instructor-facilitated online courses are facilitated by an instructor and require weekly participation. Such activities may include active engagement in discussion boards, reading of articles and case studies, sharing your ideas and perspectives, assignment deadlines, etc. Students have 24/7 access to the online course and all requirements need to be completed prior to the end date.

Upcoming intakes

Apply for this program at any time. There are no application deadlines, however individual courses have set start and end dates.


Exams & Evaluations

Most courses have written exams on the final afternoon. The minimum pass mark for all exams is 70%. One re-write on similar course material is allowed within thirty days for students who fail an exam.

In some courses, students are assessed on their demonstration of practical skills instead of a written exam. Their evaluation may be based on the level of active participation, written exams, written assignments, practical demonstration of skills, case studies, selected readings or group assignments.



Each course is paid for separately during course registration. Tuition to complete the entire program is approximately $5,000.

Additional Fees

Learner Services Fee (price dependent on course locations)

Textbooks & Supplies

Course manuals are supplied when you attend class. If additional books or other materials are required, you will be advised when you are accepted into the program.



Students can apply by completing the program application form via EducationPlannerBC.

Students are encouraged, but not required, to apply to the program to take investigation and enforcement skills courses. Students can register online for courses that do not have prerequisites or certain restrictions.



Complete and submit the Certificate in Investigation & Enforcement Skills Supplementary Application Form to the Admissions Office.


Important Dates / Application Deadlines

Apply for this program at any time. There are no specific application deadlines however there are set start dates for courses.


Financial aid and awards

Candidates for this program may be eligible for JIBC awards and bursaries including the JIBC General Student Bursary. All students are encouraged to apply.

For more information, visit the Financial Aid & Awards page or contact the Financial Aid & Student Awards Advisor.


Q: I'm interested in taking a few courses but not completing the certificate program. Is this possible?
A: Yes. Students can register for courses individually or as part of the certificate program. To receive the Certificate in Investigation & Enforcement Skills, you must apply for the program.


Q: Can I complete the program part-time?
A: Yes. The program can be completed part-time, at a pace that works for you. However, if you have applied for the Certificate in Investigation & Enforcement Skills, to receive your certificate, you must complete the program within three years of starting.


Q: Are courses offered throughout the year?
A: Yes. Courses in this program are offered throughout the year, including during the Spring-Summer semester (May - August).


Q: Is this program offered online?
A: Not all courses in this program are available online. Current courses available online include:

Questions about Investigation and Enforcement Skills?
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