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New stylized eagle symbolizes taking learning beyond

Today, the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) is unveiling its new look; a change steeped in new symbolism and a reflection of the journey JIBC is on.

More than an emblem, an organization’s visual identity tells a story. It should invite connection, evoke emotion and link to organizational purpose.

With that in mind, we have evolved our identity by removing a heraldic symbol of colonialism from our logo — the griffin, a mythical half-eagle, half-lion creature dating back 3,000 years. This is one step toward decolonization and represents the considerable duty we have to learn about the impacts of colonialism — past and present — thoughtfully and openly. This is part of our journey to being better educators and allies for safer communities and a more just society for all British Columbians.

Our new, modernized identity has transformed into a stylized eagle. Eagles, found throughout British Columbia, are known for their vision, determination, and unwavering but nurturing commitment to teaching their young how to fly above the clouds.

The JIBC eagle’s soft curves represent comfort, safety, and openness. Its stance is bold and noble yet dynamic in forward momentum. The expansive wingspan symbolizes flying to new heights — to go above and beyond, as do the professions for which we train.

The JIBC eagle represents a balance of strength, courage, and empathy, the foundation of our vision and programming. Its bright and youthful colour represents the future and is purposefully nestled within a shoulder patch in honour of the justice and public safety professions we serve.

Keep an eye out for our new look over the coming weeks as we transition to this new symbol of our commitment to our communities.


Want to make a difference every day? The Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) provides the education and training to let people to do just that, being there to support others when their health, safety or property is at stake.

JIBC is a public, post-secondary institution focused on justice and public safety professionals at all stages of their careers in fields including law enforcement, firefighting, paramedicine, security and emergency management. Complementing these programs, the Institute provides instruction in related areas such as conflict resolution, mediation, leadership and counselling, offers graduate studies in cybersecuritybusiness intelligence, and tactical criminal analysis, and conducts applied research in the justice and public safety fields.