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Conflict Resolution at JIBC

The Centre for Conflict Resolution equips its students with the skills needed to effectively respond to and resolve issues related to conflict within organizations, workplaces, communities and families. 

Conflict resolution courses and programs at JIBC are the most comprehensive of their kind in Canada.


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Workplace Conflict

If you're interested in learning how to recognize, understand and resolve conflict more…

Specialization in Mediation & Third-…

Specialization in Mediation & Third-…

If you're interested in gaining qualifications in conflict resolution with a specialization in…

Specialization in Negotiation

Specialization in Negotiation

For managers and leaders, this program helps you understand your own reactions to difficult…

Conflict Coaching

For managers, practitioners and others, this JIBC program equips students with fundamental coaching…

Family Mediation

Family Mediation

This program provides education and training in family mediation that can be applied towards…

  • JIBC Family Mediator Career Path

    Family Mediator

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  • Family Justice Counsellor

    Learn More about Family Justice Counsellor
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  • JIBC Manager Career Path


    Learn More about Manager
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  • JIBC Trainer & Facilitator Career Path

    Trainer & Facilitator

    Learn More about Trainer & Facilitator
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Conflict Resolution & Leadership Info Sessions

Learn how to improve your ability to respond to conflict and contribute to building stronger organizations and communities

JIBC Students in class

Areas of training

Our widely recognized curriculum is available for delivery within your organization or community. Successful workplace training builds staff skills and gives you and your team a shared vision. We will tailor our courses and programs to meet your specific learning goals, and bring our outstanding faculty to you.

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Conflict resolution Location

We offer our conflict resolution courses throughout British Columbia and in Alberta & Yukon.

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