Vancouver Island campus moving to Royal Roads University until completion of new West Shore campus

Dear Students,

We have exciting news about an upcoming temporary location change for JIBC’s Vancouver Island operations. 

As you likely know, JIBC will be part of a consortium of post-secondary institutions that will eventually be located on a new state-of-the-art campus in Langford. It is being built on lands purchased by Royal Roads University (RRU) and is scheduled to open in time for September 2024 classes. Here’s the provincial government’s announcement made in the summer.

With the upcoming lease expiry on our current Victoria campus at 810 Fort Street, we have been seeking a new Vancouver Island home for JIBC in the interim. To that end, JIBC has arranged to use space for two years at RRU’s Colwood campus. The RRU space consists of exclusive use of its Cedar Building. 

All current program and course offerings out of the Fort Street location are moving to RRU. This temporary move will come with multiple benefits for JIBC students – improved learning spaces, and access to on-campus amenities such as food services, and recreation centre memberships, to name a few.

Following the winter break, JIBC classes will start at the new location on Jan. 9, 2023. Our new location will be known as “JIBC Vancouver Island.” You can find more information about the location through the RRU campus map, the Frequently Asked Questions below and here, and the RRU website:

If you need additional information, please get in touch with us through We will make sure answers to any other questions we receive are provided to you.   

As you can imagine, this move, although temporary, is a large undertaking but one we feel will serve our students and faculty very well before we settle into our permanent home in 2024. Thank you for your support and patience.


Mike Proud
Vice-President, Finance & Operations



Frequently Asked Questions


1.    Where is the new location of JIBC Vancouver Island?
Effective Jan. 9, 2023, JIBC studies and training programs will be provided from Royal Roads University’s (RRU) Cedar Building. 
RRU is located at 2005 Sooke Road in the City of Colwood. The Cedar Building is located on College Drive on RRU campus grounds. On the map below, you’ll see it’s part of the West Campus. You can watch a short video about Royal Roads campus here.

2.    On which lands is RRU’s Colwood campus situated? 
Royal Roads University is located on the traditional lands of the Xwsepsum and Lekwungen ancestors and families. 

3.    Why is JIBC leaving its Fort Street location in Downtown Victoria?
JIBC’s current lease expires on Dec. 30, 2022. After considerable research and discussion over the past six months, we have determined that the Cedar Building at RRU is an excellent interim option for our unique learning and training needs until the new Langford campus is ready in 2024. 

4.    When will this change take place?
The move will commence once classes are completed in mid-December and we will be ready to welcome learners on Jan. 9, 2023, with the start of the new term. 

5.    How can I get to the new campus? i.e., Transit routes, bike routes
There are several transit options for students and staff. Some buses pick up and drop off right on campus while others have stops within walking distance of the campus entrance. A day pass is $5 cash on the bus, or you can pick up a monthly bus pass from designated stores.

6.    What is parking availability like at the new campus? Is there a cost?
Parking is available at the Cedar Building. The current day rate for parking is $8 (or you can park for shorter periods at a cost of $1 per hour). Weekly, monthly, and yearly permits are a great way to save on parking, and there are additional discounts for hybrid and electric vehicles. RRU reviews parking rates on an annual basis.

You can find more information on parking at the RRU campus here: 

7.    How will I know where my classes are located? Will there be JIBC signage to get me to where I need to be? 
Signage at the main entrance to RRU’s Colwood campus directs to the Cedar Building, located on the west side of the campus. You can find a map indicating the location of the Cedar Building here: Royal Roads campus map

Upon entering the Cedar Building, signage will be in place to guide students to their respective classrooms.

8.    How does the new location compare in terms of learning facilities? 
The new location offers spacious learning environments, indoor and outdoor simulation training spaces, as well as parking and access for training vehicles such as the JIBC training ambulance.

9.    What does the Cedar Building consist of?
The multi-storey, 14,000 square foot facility is a recognized heritage building that once served as the cow barn and dairy on the historic Dunsmuir estate. Modern upgrades to the building have improved accessibility and created a mix of flexible classroom spaces, open and closed offices, meeting rooms and modest amenity spaces (kitchen space, lounge, washrooms).

10.    How accessible is the Cedar Building?
There are ground level access points to all areas of the Cedar Building and universal facilities. 

11.    How safe is the RRU Campus?
RRU Campus Security patrols the campus 24 hours per day, seven days per week. In case of emergency, RRU Campus Security can be reached 24/7 by phone at 250-391-2525.

The campus is a very safe, welcoming and inclusive community that celebrates diversity. The RRU Standards of Conduct and Service reflect the university’s core values of being caring, creative and courageous. 

12.    The Fort Street location was limited in how we could perform scenario training exercises (i.e., there was no place on site to park the JIBC ambulance). How will this new campus be different?  
The new location offers spacious learning environments as well as indoor and outdoor scenario simulation training spaces. It also includes parking and access for training vehicles such as the JIBC training ambulance.

13.    What amenities will be available at the new location? 
On-campus amenities available include: 

  • Sherman Jen Kiosk (located next door in the Sherman Jen Building)
  • Habitat Café (located across from Hatley Castle in the Grant Building)
  • Recreation Centre (located on College Drive)
  • The campus - set on a National Historic Site - is located on 565 forested acres with kilometres of biking, walking and running trails which weave through forest, wrap around garden beds, and wind along the oceanside.

14.    Will JIBC paramedic and other first-responder students continue to wear uniforms at the RRU campus? If so, are RRU students and area residents aware of this?
Except for Paramedic Academy, we anticipate most of our students will be in civilian attire. RRU will communicate the unique nature of our training to students and all campus users, including area residents who use the campus for recreational activities, like running and walking the dog, so they are not under the impression that “real emergencies” are happening. “Training scenario in progress” signage will continue to be used.

We are welcomed to RRU as full community members and will always want to show our respect to our educational partners and others. While we expect all JIBC students to always act in a manner consistent with the JIBC code of conduct, we remind you that we are guests on this property and to act with integrity, whether in uniform or not. Remember that we all represent JIBC, our professions of choice, and each other in the broader community.

15.    This new location is not what I signed up for and won’t work for me. What are my options? 
We are confident the new location will provide both a superior learning environment, and student experience. However, if it is not possible for you to attend your program due to the change of venue, please contact Student Services directly at and they will work with you to find a solution that addresses your specific circumstances.


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