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Interested in working in the cybersecurity field and/or public safety in general? The Basics of Defending Against Cybercrime program provides content that focuses on defending against cybercrime. In addition to working in the cybersecurity field, having an understanding and the knowledge to detect and protect against cybercrime is a skill that is needed in any agencies and organizations, as having employees know how to detect, defend, and investigate cybercrime activity, may help reduce the severity of cybercrime attacks.

This micro-credential will provide a basic understanding and knowledge to detect and protect against cybercrime. 

This micro-credential program is beneficial for students considering the field of cybersecurity and public safety in general.  After completing this program, you may consider completing the Essentials of Investigating Cybercrime micro-credential program, and/or the Malware Detection & Protection Basics micro-credential program or continuing on to more advanced courses or programs.

The micro-credential in Basics of Defending Against Cybercrime is designed to provide you with

  • an understanding of how cybercriminals use technology to their advantage
  • how personal cybercrime, like spam and cyberbullying, can harm businesses and individuals
  • how social media works and how both criminals and law enforcement use social media
  • why and how learners need to protect their personal information from misuse

The program goals are to:

  • List and describe types of cyber criminal behaviour
  • Describe cybercrime communities
  • Identify types of cybercrime

The micro-credential in Basics of Defending Against Cybercrime consists of five courses exposing students to the fundamental basics of cybercrime including spam, impacts of cybercrime, linkages of social media to cybercrime, and methods to increase online privacy.

Application Fee

Domestic: $25.00

International: $50.00


Domestic: $91.80 per course + $3.41 Learner Service Fee

International: $275.40 per course + $3.41 Learner Service Fee

Entrance Requirements

The courses and certificate are open to anyone. There are no formal admission requirements.

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