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Interested in cybersecurity or public safety? 

The Essentials of Investigating Cybercrime program focuses on cybercrime investigation. 

This knowledge is crucial across agencies and organizations to detect, defend against, and investigate cyber threats effectively, mitigating potential attacks.

This micro-credential will provide a broader understanding and knowledge of how to detect and defend against cybercrime, along with how to investigate cybercrime activity to help reduce the severity of a cybercrime attack. 

The Essentials of Investigating Cybercrime program is beneficial for students looking to investigate cybercrime within the field of cybersecurity and public safety in general.

The micro-credential in Essentials of Investigating Cybercrime is designed to provide an understanding of the methods used to investigate cybercrime and how to protect your personal information. You will learn about encryption and steganography and how they work to hide and retrieve data. You will also learn how to apply open-source intelligence techniques to increase your ability to sift quickly and effectively through the masses of information on the Internet.

The micro-credential in Essentials of Investigating Cybercrime consists of three courses that will provide you with an understanding of cybercrime investigation basics, teach you techniques used to narrow online searches for efficiency and data integrity, and provide an understanding of encryption and steganography, how to work to hide data, and how to work to retrieve data.

Application Fee

Domestic: $25.00

International: $50.00


Domestic: $91.80 per course + $3.41 Learner Service Fee

International: $275.40 per course + $3.41 Learner Service Fee

Entrance Requirements

The courses and certificate are open to anyone. There are no formal admission requirements.

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