Using experiential learning, simulations and interdisciplinary programs and courses, we’re providing the foundations for today’s skilled practitioners and tomorrow’s leaders.

Community Safety

The Centre for Counselling & Community Safety provides practical training for those working in care facilities and community safety roles. Our programs promote health, safety and well-being for individuals and communities.

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JIBC Community Safety Area of Study-Bylaw officers

Conflict Resolution

The Centre for Conflict Resolution equips its students with the skills needed to effectively respond to and resolve issues related to conflict within organizations, workplaces, communities and families.

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JIBC conflict resolution


The Centre for Counselling & Community Safety provides practical training for those working in counselling roles. Our programs teach professionals how to protect, support and empower the vulnerable, including children, youth, adults, families and communities, affected by traumatic life situations.

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JIBC Counselling Area of Study


At JIBC’s Centre for Leadership, emerging and experienced leaders learn practical strategies and new approaches to help them effectively lead and manage teams and organizations while planning for the future.

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JIBC Leadership Area of Study


The Paramedic Academy trains first responders, emergency medical responders and paramedics to treat patients in the community, at the workplace or in their homes. The Primary Care and Advanced Care programs are the only paramedic programs in BC accredited by Accreditation Canada.

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JIBC paramedic students training

Professional Health Education

Working with a diverse set of partners and clients in the healthcare field, the Centre for Professional Health Education provides professional development and continuing education to health and emergency caregivers with a focus on life support practices.

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JIBC paramedicine students training