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Apply Now! - Application Period Re-Opened

The next ACP program will start in January 2021 (delayed from September 2020) in New Westminster and Victoria. The application period has been re-opened until August 17, 2020.

The selection process (testing and interviews) will be held  August 17-28, 2020.

JIBC paramedic students in training

Is this program right for you?

Be the one advancing your career. If you want to work in an advanced, specialized, career-focused position as an ACP and are committed to the paramedic profession, this program is for you.  

Become a Healthcare Leader 

The ACP Program trains students to think critically, solve problems and function as leaders while providing the highest possible standards of patient care.  


This program meets or exceeds the National Occupational Competencies as established by the Paramedic Association of Canada, and is accredited by Accreditation Canada.

Practicing paramedics interested in advanced training to think critically, solve problems and function as leaders while providing the highest possible standards of patient care.


Program strengths

The Advanced Care Paramedic (ACP) Advanced Diploma Program responds to the continuing growth and evolution of today’s healthcare needs. 

The program trains students to think critically, solve problems and function as leaders while providing the highest possible standards of patient care.


Program Themes
  • Clinician Skills - critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, effective communication.
  • Inter-Professional Collaboration - working collaboratively with other health professionals in the patient’s best interest.
  • Leadership - taking a leadership role in the workplace, practice and the community.
  • Life-Long Learning - continuously seeking and embracing knowledge.
  • Community-Based Emergency Health - understanding differing health care environments.
  • Science & Delivery of EMS - research methodology.


This program meets or exceeds the National Occupational Competencies as established by the Paramedic Association of Canada, and is accredited by Accreditation Canada.

Program Format 

This program is delivered using a blended delivery approach.


Program Delivery Formats

  • Guided online learning activities
  • Facilitated discussions
  • Supervised independent study
  • Classroom sessions
  • Labs
  • Practical workshops
  • High-fidelity simulations

Students have practice education placements each term at hospitals and on ambulance rotations in major centres around the province.

All ambulance practice education shifts take place on BCEHS Advanced Life Support units with ACP Preceptors. This provides a valuable opportunity to learn and work within the BCEHS targeted response model.


Upcoming Intakes 

There is one intake each year starting in September at the New Westminster campus. On alternate years the program will also be offered at the Victoria or Kelowna campus.
The application period for each intake opens the preceding February with the selection process taking place in April.


Policy and Procedures 

JIBC recognizes that some programs require exceptions to JIBC policy. Program-specific requirements are detailed in the ACP and PCP Program Guidelines and Procedures document.



Total tuition for the program is approximately $16,300, payable in instalments over three terms.


  • Term 1 Tuition - $6,813.94
  • Term 2 Tuition - $5,486.64
  • Term 3 Tuition - $3,656.94


Additional Fees
  • Application fee $75 
  • Deposit $500.00
  • Term 1 Learner Services Fee - $148.56
  • Term 2 Learner Services Fee - $106.95
  • Term 3 Learner Services Fee - $71.30



Tuition Fees are effective on April 1, 2020. All fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Application fees & program deposit ($500) are non-refundable and non-transferable in any circumstances.

If a student withdraws before the start of an ACP Program term, they receive a 100% refund less deposit of that term's tuition.

If a student withdraws within the first two weeks of an ACP Program term, they will be eligible for 80% refund less deposit of that term's tuition.


Textbooks & Supplies


Textbooks & Uniform

After acceptance into the program, students are given information about purchasing uniforms and textbooks. The cost of textbooks is approximately $1,500.



Throughout the ACP Program, students will be documenting skills, simulations and patient contacts on electronic Patient Care Records in both the classroom and practice education environments. The program will be evaluating student competency and performance through the use of CompTracker, our competency management system. Students are required to have either an Apple iPad or Android tablet during the program to support the use of this system.


Practice Education

There may be times when students will need to travel outside their region for practice education shifts. Students must be prepared to accept the financial cost of travel and living expenses associated with attendance at these shifts.



STEP ONE - Apply to the Program

Check the program application deadline date.

Complete and submit the Online Program Application Form using Education Planner BC.


STEP TWO - Submit Supporting Documents

Prepare your ACP Program Document Submission Form and submit this form along with your documents in person, by mail or email to be received by the application deadline.


in Person or by Mail
Admissions Office
Justice Institute of British Columbia
715 McBride Boulevard
New Westminster, BC V3L 5T4



Admission Requirements 

Admission to the Advanced Care Paramedic Program is competitive based on the availability of seats, completion of admission criteria, and applicant ranking as determined by a process of selective admission evaluation. The JIBC ACP program has recently made changes to its admission requirements which will see the requirement of a Diploma or equivalent by the year 2021. These additional courses will be introduced using a phased approach as outlined below. For the 2020 program intake, you must have completed all admission requirements with the required grade at the time of application.

General Requirements

  • High school graduation diploma (or equivalent) or mature student as defined in JIBC's Admissions Policy
  • Grade 12 English / grade 12 First Peoples English with a minimum grade of C (or equivalent)


ACP Program Specific Requirements (2020 program intake)

  • Completed ACP Candidate Information Form
  • PCP Certification 
  • Two years PCP work experience at time of application deadline
  • IV Insertion License Endorsement or Training Certificate
  • Current ITLS Basic (JIBC HLTH-1300) or PHTLS certification
  • Current CPR for Healthcare Provider (HCP) certification



Applicants who have successfully completed equivalent courses may apply for a review of those courses to meet the admission requirements for entry into the ACP Program. Click here for Course Equivalency Table

For the 2021 program intake, upon application you must have completed all the above courses with the required grade prior to being accepted, including three additional courses below:


Final Requirements 

Upon acceptance to the program you will be required to provide the following:

  • Criminal Record Check (CRC) from the Criminal Records Review Program (RCMP check is NOT acceptable). You will be provided with full instructions as well as the required access code.
  • Completed Immunization Checklist Form - The BC Health Authority immunization requirements are different from the BCEHS employee immunization requirements. Click here for Immunization FAQs.


Selection Process 

Candidates who have met admission requirements will be invited to complete two assessment elements:

  • Medical Knowledge Test
  • Panel Interview

Medical Knowledge Test

This online test will assess a candidate's level of knowledge relative to the Primary Care Paramedic knowledge needed for entering the ACP Program. You will be provided with access to the Candidate Assessment Online Campus which also contains some practice quizzes to help you prepare.

Panel Interview

Some of the job dimensions for an Advanced Care Paramedic include:

  • Critical Thinking and Learning Motivation
  • Maturity and Self-awareness
  • Work Standards and Initiative
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Planning and Organizing Skills, and
  • Stress Tolerance

Short-listed candidates will be invited to attend a 20-30 minute interview where we will discuss your application, interest, and suitability for the ACP Program.

Extra consideration will be given to those students for the following:

  • Completion of all courses required for admission
  • Completion of JIBC Diploma in Health Sciences (EMS) or an equivalent level of post-secondary education
  • PCP experience/patient contacts
  • Volunteer experience within the last 2 years (must be supported by a reference letter from the organization)


Financial aid & awards

Candidates for this program may be eligible for JIBC awards and bursaries including the Emergency Medical Assistant (EMA) Education Fund Award. All students are encouraged to apply. For more information, contact Student Services or the Financial Aid & Student Awards Advisor at


International applicants

This program does not accept international applicants at this time. International applicants are encouraged to contact JIBC's Office of International Affairs at



Advanced Care Paramedic - Term 1

Course Name Course Code Credits Hours
Health and Wellness PARA-3313A  4.0 47
Professional Practice PARA-3314A 3.0 30
Foundations of Paramedic Practice PARA-3321 6.0 111
Classic Cases - Respiratory & Cardiovascular PARA-3352A 7.0 116
Clinical Practice Education I PARA-3391A 10.0 332


Advanced Care Paramedic - Term 2

Course Name Course Code Credits Hours
Classic Cases - Trauma PARA-3353A  4.0 60
Health Care in Communities PARA-3413  3.0 42
Classic ACP Cases II PARA-3451A  7.0 148
Clinical Practice Education II PARA-3491A  8.0 320


Advanced Care Paramedic - Term 3

Course Name Course Code Credits Hours
Complex ACP Cases PARA-3452A  8.0 168
Clinical Practice Education III PARA-3492A  10.0 388


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