Bachelor of Emergency and Security Management Studies

Complete Canada's first bachelor degree to combine emergency management and security studies with a foundation in business

Looking For a Career of a Different Kind?

Become a leader in the growing fields of emergency management, disaster planning, and security.

Constantly changing and increasingly complex economic, social, legal, environmental, and political contexts have compelled government, business, and non-governmental organizations to enhance their safety, security, and emergency management practices in order to protect people, assets, and resources.  This complicated environment calls for insightful new knowledge, technical skills, and the ability to think broadly and critically across a number of integrated areas.

The Bachelor of Emergency and Security Management Studies is a 120-credit, broadly based, multi-disciplinary program designed specifically to meet the safety, security, and emergency management challenges of today and tomorrow.  It provides students with the basic conceptual approaches and methodologies of safety, security, and emergency management as they apply to business and community environments.  Graduates have the theoretical, methodological, and technical competencies required for a career in security and emergency management.

Flexible Format, Flexible Credentials

The Bachelor of Emergency and Security Management Studies is offered online at the New Westminster Campus.  

This unique program is also designed to offer an exit alternative after completion of 60 credits of coursework with a Diploma in Emergency and Security Management.

Completion of BESMS ladders into Emergency Management Exercise Design Program

Graduates of the Bachelor of Emergency & Security Management Studies (BESMS) provides 6.0 of 10.0 credits toward EMD’s Emergency Management Exercise Design Certificate program. The additional courses needed to complete the certificate are 2 unique elective credits and the capstone project. View the full list of courses in the program to review the elective options.

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Who Should Take this Program?

  • Public safety professionals looking to take their careers to the next level or qualify for leadership positions
  • High school graduates looking for a broadly based program that will get them started on a unique and growing career path
  • Adult learners changing careers and looking for a new kind of challenge where they can be both inspired and give back to their communities 

For all students, JIBC’s Bachelor of Emergency and Security Management Studies program provides the core skills you need to succeed at the management level in emergency management, security and other public safety disciplines.

What Will I Learn?

The Bachelor of Emergency and Security Management Studies is a comprehensive program combining studies in:

  • Emergency Management, Disaster Planning and Public Safety
  • Business Continuity
  • Risk and Crisis Management
  • Security and Intelligence
  • Business Administration
  • Leadership and Management

Graduates of the degree will have a solid base of knowledge and skills to pursue leadership roles across the public safety spectrum.

Program Format

Flexible Options for Today's Students

Today's students come from many walks of life. Maybe you've just graduated from high school, or perhaps you're an adult learner looking for a different type of career. Either way, we have a program format to meet your needs. 

Online Format

In the online program, all classes are offered completely online, so you can study from anywhere, anytime. This offering is designed for mid-career professionals looking to expand their credentials to advance in their careers.

Students work in cohorts, completing two to three courses per semesters,  three semesters per year. Students can expect to complete their program in five years. Students have the opportunity to collaborate and share experiences in an interactive online learning experience.

Visit the Online BESMS Program webpage for detailed information about Application Deadlines, Costs, Courses, Textbooks, and FAQ about this online option.

Diploma Exit

Designed in a laddered format, students can choose to graduate with a Diploma in Emergency & Security Management after the first two years of study. Visit the diploma page for more information.

Admission Requirements

  • High school graduation or equivalent
  • Mathematics 11 (minimum grade of C) or equivalent
  • English 12 (minimum grade of C) or equivalent

For more information, contact the Program Representative


Graduates of the Bachelor of Emergency and Security Management Studies program can expect to apply for professional and leadership positions in emergency management, public safety, business continuity and security with:

  • Municipal, provincial, regional and federal emergency programs
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • International organizations, such as the Red Cross
  • Private security agencies
  • Crown corporations
  • Utilities
  • Private businesses in areas such as transportation, natural resources, gaming, hospitality and recreation

Typical Job Titles Could Include

  • Emergency Program Manager
  • Emergency Program Coordinator
  • Emergency Planner
  • Security Coordinator
  • Director of Safety and Security
  • Manager, Public Safety
  • Director of Emergency Management
  • Disaster Planning Coordinator

Looking for customized training for your organization? See our Customized Emergency Management Training page.

Questions? Contact the program representative or Program Representative at 604.528.5800 or

Last updated November 12, 2019