Investigation & Enforcement Skills Certificate

Get the practical, hands-on training to keep communities safe

The Investigation & Enforcement Skills Certificate provides the essential skills needed to conduct a wide range of investigations and inspections by peace officers, public-sector regulatory agencies, and investigators in the private sector.

This program consists of six core courses and offers a number of electives that together provide the practical, hands-on training to prepare learners for the constantly expanding field of investigation and enforcement.

Courses are predominantly offered on campus in New Westminster and Victoria with select courses available online.

Learners can register for the courses individually or as part of the Investigation & Enforcement Skills Certificate program.

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Who Should Take This Certificate Program

This Certificate Program is designed for:

  • Individuals who are seeking employment in the field of investigation;
  • Individuals who, as a part of their employment, are currently or plan to be involved in monitoring for compliance;
  • Individuals who conduct inspections, investigations, or enforcement related duties; or
  • Individuals who are currently employed and wish to expand their investigation and enforcement skill-set.

The Investigation and Enforcement Skills Certificate Program is open to the general public.



To complete the Investigation and Enforcement Skills Certificate Program, participants must successfully complete 12 credits. This is made up of six core courses, along with electives that participants choose from to complete the remaining classes.

To receive a program certificate, all courses must be completed within three years of starting the program.

Each course in the certificate program is offered two or three times each calendar year.

*New:  Not able to attend one of our daytime classes? In addition, we now offer core classes on weekends and evenings.


The Investigation & Enforcement Skills Certificate consists of six core courses and a number of electives that together provide the practical hands-on training to prepare learners to be effective investigators and enforcement professionals. They can be taken as part of the program or individually (click on the Course Code links below to register).

The core courses are:

Core Courses Course code Credits # of Days
Introduction to the Criminal Justice System INVE-1000 1.0 2
Introduction to Criminal law INVE-1001 1.5 3
Introduction to Administrative Law INVE-1002 1.5 3
Introduction to Investigative Skills and Processes INVE-1003 2.5 5
Enhanced Investigative Interviewing INVE-1004 2.5 5
Report Writing for Professional Investigators INVE-1005 1.5 3

Students registered in the certificate program must also choose from the following list of electives to bring their total number of training days to a minimum 12 credits.

Elective Course Selection Course code Credits # of Days
Application for and Execution of Search Warrants INVE-1006 1.5 3
Giving Expert Witness Testimony INVE-1007 1.5 3
Testifying in Legal Proceedings/Hearings INVE-1008 0.5 1
Forensic Digital Imaging:  Documenting and Presenting Visual Evidence INVE-1013 2.5 5
Internet Open Source Investigations **
INVE-1022 1.5 3
Introduction to Investigative File Management INVE-1010 1.5 3
Tactical Communications INVE-1012 0.5 1
Conducting Internal Investigations INVE-1011 2.0 4

** Enrolment in INVE-1022 is restricted to Law Enforcement, Special Provincial Constables, those students who work for organizations that have a MOU with local municipal police department or RCMP (e.g. Transport Canada, Civil Aviation).

BLAW-1000 Bylaw Compliance 1 and BLAW-1005 Bylaw Compliance 2  are accepted elective courses.  Please note: Students must successfully complete both courses for elective credit towards the Investigation and Enforcement Skills Certificate to be granted.

Students registered in the Investigation and Enforcement Skills Certificate Program can also choose one of the following courses as an elective in the certificate program:

Course Title Course code Credits # of Days
Foundations of Collaborative Conflict CRES-1100 1.5 3
Foundations of Collaborative Conflict Resolution: Workplace Focus CRES-1101 1.5 3
Asserting Yourself in Conflict Situations CRES-1305 1.0 2
Managing the Hostile Individual CRES-1308 1.0 2


Most courses have written exams on the final afternoon. The minimum pass mark in all exams is 70%. One re-write, on similar course material, is allowed within thirty days should you fail an exam.

In some courses, students are assessed based on a demonstration of practical skills instead of a written exam. Evaluation may be based on level of active participation, written exams, written assignments, practical demonstration of skills, case studies, selected readings or group assignments.

Cost & Supplies

Individual course costs vary, depending on the length of the course. Depending on which courses you take, it costs around $4,000 to complete the entire certificate program.

Students enrolling may be eligible for various forms of student financial assistance, such as the JIBC General Student Bursary, and we encourage all students to apply. 

For further information please visit the Financial Aid & Student Awards page or contact the Financial Aid & Students Awards Advisor. 

Books & Supplies

Complete student manuals are provided with each course, which is included in the course fee.  You should bring pen or pencil, note paper, and if available, a laptop computer.


Potential employers include a wide variety of provincial and federal government inspections, regulatory, investigation and enforcement agencies. In addition to public sector employers, there is private sector employment opportunities as in-house corporate investigators and as private investigators.

For a more detailed list of employment opportunities, visit our Careers in the Field of Investigation and Enforcement page.

Application Process

Register to a class
To check individual course availability, select one the course codes above and follow the instructions on the course listing.  Or submit a Course registration form.

Enroll in the program
Apply online and submit a Program application form.



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