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Centre for Conflict Resolution Upcoming Events 

Mediator in a Box 
JIBC - New Westminster
November 26, 2019 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Faculty: Julia Menard

Leaders are responsible for ensuring conflict-positive work environments yet often do not have the support or the training to help those in conflict to solve their own problems. Mediator in a Box (www.mediatorinabox.com) is a simple step-by-step process which guides those in conflict to create their own solutions. It is designed to be your own “mediator in a box” and is based on an interest-based negotiation and mediation model. This one-day workshop will focus on using the box in the workplace to engage difficult conversations for employee to employee conflicts and supervisor to employee conflicts. By the end of this workshop, you will strengthen your capacity to engage in an interest-based negotiation and mediation model and learn a process which you can also extend to your employees to use to solve their own problems.

Julia Menard has a private consulting, coaching, training and mediating practice specializing in supporting Managers and Leaders to engage in conflict constructively. Julia has also been on faculty at the Centre for Conflict Resolution since 1998. 


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Gillian Robbins, JIBC Graduate
Certificate in Conflict Resolution:
Specialization in Mediation/Third-Party Intervention



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