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JIBC Leadership & Conflict Resolution Students

Is this program right for you?

Be the one inspiring your team. If you are looking to learn to apply a collaborative approach to resolving conflict in your capacity as a leader and deepen your leadership skills, this program is for you.

Learn Collaborative Conflict Resolution

Students will learn to describe the components of a collaborative approach to resolving conflict in interpersonal relationships.

develop self- awareness as a leader 

Students will gain a deeper understanding of their personal leadership style and its impact on others. 

  • Leaders in either a formal or informal capacity.
  • Emerging leaders in the public, private or not-for-profit sector.
  • Seasoned managers that are interested in building new skills and developing fresh leadership perspectives.


Program strengths
  • Strengthen personal leadership skills  
  • Provide students with an enhanced level of self-awareness 
  • Increase personal effectiveness to lead authentically in a variety of contexts 
  • Produce significant and sustainable results 
  • Learn how to approach the resolution of workplace conflicts cooperatively and collaboratively


You will learn the foundations of collaborative conflict resolution, with a focus on personal awareness, before focusing on the foundations of the coaching approach. You will discover your skills and aptitudes as a leader and explore the current themes and skills associated with leadership today.

You will then deepen your understanding of the dynamics of leadership in challenging situations, and come away with practical strategies for leading teams and resolving interpersonal conflict collaboratively as a third-party facilitator. Your learning will culminate in a written assessment of a practical application of your skills and abilities.


What You Need to Graduate 

The certificate program is 12 days of training and a mail-in assessment. You can take courses individually or complete the certificate. Learn at your own pace – take courses when they fit your schedule.

Core courses are scheduled several times throughout the year. Full attendance is required. We recommend you complete the program within 2-3 years.

You must be enrolled in the certificate program before submitting this assessment.

Upcoming Intakes

There are no specific application deadlines. Apply for this program at any time.



Tuition for the program is approximately $2,900.

Additional Fees
  • Certificate Enrolment Fee $75
  • Learner Services Fee 
Textbooks and Supplies

Course manuals are supplied when you attend class. If additional books or other materials are required, you will be advised when you register for the program.


STEP 1 - Apply to the Program

After checking course availability, apply online or submit your completed application form.

Student Services
Justice Institute of British Columbia
715 McBride Boulevard New Westminster, BC V3L 5T4


STEP 2 - Register for Courses 

After your application has been submitted, please register for courses.

Important Dates / Application Deadlines

This is an open enrolment program. There are no application deadlines or set start dates.

Admission Requirements

The certificate and courses are open to anyone. There are no formal admission requirements.

Financial aid & awards

Financial aid and awards are not available for this program.


Q: Do I need to enroll in this program before I'm able to take courses?
A: No. You can take courses individually, as long as you have the applicable prerequisites.


Q: Do you offer this program online?
A: Currently 2 of the 4 required courses are offered online.


Q: I need to miss part of my course. What should I do?
A: If you are unable to attend due to extenuating circumstances, we recommend submitting an appeal to explaining the reason. Participants may then transfer to another class where they will be required to attend the entire course on the new dates to receive credit.


Q: Are books and course manuals included in the tuition fees?
A: They are supplied when you attend class. If you need to purchase books or other materials, you will be advised of the details when you register.


Q: What if I want to take one of your courses but do not want to pursue a certificate?
A: That's fine. All of our courses are available individually, and you can mix and match them depending on your learning needs. After each course, you will receive a letter of attendance. After completing the program requirements, you will receive your certificate.


Q: Who offers this certificate?
A: This credential is offered in partnership by the Centre for Leadership and Centre for Conflict Resolution. It provides foundational leadership knowledge and practical strategies that you can apply immediately in your community and workplace setting.


Q: I'm considering enrolling in the Applied Leadership Program or the Leadership and Conflict Resolution Program. Which might be the best fit for me?
A: The good news is you don’t have to decide now. You can take our courses without enrolling in a program. Start with the foundational courses of all our programs: "LEAD-1100 Lead Yourself First" and "CRES-1100/CRES-1101 Foundations of Collaborative Conflict Resolution." Once you have taken these courses, you'll have a better understanding of which classes are most beneficial and of interest to you. 

These two foundational courses can be used as credit in both the Associate Certificate in Leadership and Conflict Resolution (12 days of training) or the Certificate in Applied Leadership (20 days of training). You can enroll in the certificate program of your choice, at any time.